Australian Gas Taskforce

The Australian Government (the Government) has established a Gas Taskforce to oversee the implementation of the Government’s measures to deliver cheaper and more reliable gas to Australian households and to increase gas supplies for business. The Taskforce will report to the Energy Committee of Cabinet.

Households rely on affordable gas supplies to their homes and businesses need reliable energy to support jobs. To this end, a series of measures have been developed and gas industry participants have agreed to ongoing work to deliver the benefits and energise investment to make that happen.

The Government is continuing to work on other policies to promote gas development and provide energy security through its Energy Committee of Cabinet.

Gas market reforms

The Government also continues to lead gas market reforms through the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council (COAG Energy Council) to improve the way the market works and bring on new supply. The Energy Council will work with the Taskforce to identify and accelerate possible reforms.

The Gas Market Reform Group (GMRG) was established by the COAG Energy Council in August 2016 to lead the design, development and implementation of:

  • a new information disclosure and commercial arbitration framework for non-scheme pipelines
  • transportation (pipeline and hub services) capacity trading related reforms
  • market transparency reforms
  • wholesale gas market reforms.

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