Energy Use Data Model

The Government has committed $19.4 million funding to support the CSIRO to develop the Energy Use Data Model (EUDM), a ‘big data’ project that will improve energy forecasting and planning for the future by unlocking the mysteries of Australian energy behavior as we move towards an energy efficient future.

Why is the EUDM needed?

The National Electricity Market is changing rapidly due to factors including increasing use of new technologies like rooftop solar and shifts in consumer behaviour. Better consumer energy use data access, availability and integration is needed to understand and manage these changes and to better predict and plan for Australia's future energy needs.

Currently, energy use data is held across many data holders, is inaccessible or is not collected, creating challenges in fully understanding the energy market. In recent times, changed consumer behaviour and this lack of energy use data has contributed to inaccuracies in forecasts of energy demand.

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