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This monthly publication collects national and state statistical information on sales of petroleum products, exports and imports of petroleum products and crude oil, production of crude oil and condensate, refinery input and output, and stocks of petroleum products.


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In January 2018 the Petroleum and Other Fuels reporting Act 2017 came into effect and made the reporting of fuel data mandatory for Australian businesses meeting the reporting criteria. From this date onwards, businesses are required to report using the templates below. Each template has a corresponding guidance note that explains how it should be completed and includes relevant concepts and definitions.

Field production

Field production reporting template (XLSX 95KB)

Field production guidance notes (DOCX 84KB)

Plant production

Plant production reporting template (XLXS 43KB)

Plant production guidance notes (DOCX 84KB)


Refinery reporting template (XLSX 723KB) 

Refinery production guidance notes (DOCX 94KB)


Wholesale reporting template (XLSX 81KB)

Wholesale guidance notes (DOCX 120KB)


Stockholding template (Compressed [zipped] Folder 129KB) [last updated 29/05/2020]

Stockholding guidance note (DOCX 96KB) 

Biofuel production

Biofuel reporting template (XLSX 26KB)

Biofuel guidance notes (DOCX 104KB)

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Australian Petroleum Statistics for the 2018-19 financial year. In 2018-19 condensate production in Australia increased by 53%, and around 80% of crude oil and condensate production was exported. Around 80% of refinery feedstock was imported, and domestic refineries output a total of 29 billion litres of marketable petroleum products. Australia imported oil from over 70 countries throughout the year, but total oil imports were 2% lower than the peak in 2017-18. 33% of oil imports came from Singapore and Malaysia, while 8% came from the Middle East. Australia’s total LNG exports in 2018-19 was valued at around $50 billion, while the oil trade was in deficit by $27 billion. Diesel sales increased by 4% and the average regular unleaded petrol price was 142 cents per litre.

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