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Australian Energy Statistics

The Australian Energy Statistics is the authoritative and official source of energy statistics for Australia and forms the basis of Australia’s international reporting obligations. It is updated annually and consists of historical energy consumption, production and trade statistics.

The dataset is accompanied by the Australian Energy Update report, which contains an overview and analysis of the latest trends.

Australian Energy Statistics:

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Australia in 2017-18 Australia’s energy consumption grew 1% in 2017-18. $294 million of economic value was created for every petajoule of energy consumed. There was a 2 per cent improvement in energy productivity. 39% of energy consumption was met by oil. Imports supplied 57% of refined product consumption. Diesel consumption grew 6% in 2017-18. Coal supplied 60% of Australia’s electricity generation. Coal consumption was 21% lower than its peak in 2008-09. Australia produced 11% of the world’s uranium. Nat

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