About energy data

Data and statistics have long been recognised as important government assets. Government uses data to help find solutions to problems and to develop evidence-based policies and programs. This information is shared with and used by consumers, businesspeople and researchers.

To successfully integrate evidence into the policy-making process, and to share this information so others can innovate, we must have good evidence to begin with. This means collecting data, investing in research, and ensuring policy makers have the right skills to discriminate between reliable and unreliable evidence.

The Australian Government Public Data Policy commits Australian Government entities to optimise the use and reuse of public data, make non-sensitive data open by default and collaborate with the private and research sectors to extend the value of public data.

If data is described as open, it means anyone can access and use it.

A significant amount of government data is open and can be easily accessed and shared through www.data.gov.au. Over 7000 data sets have been published since 2013.

A number of these data sets are energy-related or owned by the Department of the Environment and Energy, including data on the Energy Rating program:

There are also extensive energy-related data, statistics and programs outside data.gov.au:

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