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Energy National Cabinet Reform Committee 2021 priorities

National Cabinet tasked ENCRC with the following key priorities to deliver in 2021:

  • immediate measures to ensure reliability and security of the electricity grid ahead of the 2020-21 summer

    • complete - ENCRC provided advice on immediate reliability and security measures for the electricity grid following its September 2020 meeting.
  • the redesign of the National Electricity Market (NEM) to take effect after 2025
    • complete - ENCRC provided recommendations on gas reforms to National Cabinet in August 2021.
  • a package of reforms to unlock new gas supply, improve competition in the market and better regulation of pipelines.
    • complete - ENCRC provided the recommendations on reform workstreams for east coast gas markets to National Cabinet in October 2021.

National Cabinet endorsed all of ENCRC's recommendations on these reforms at its meeting of 1 October 2021. That marked the end of the 2021 tasking. Information on ENCRC’s new tasking can be found on the Priorities page.