National Energy Transformation Partnership

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On 12 August 2022, Commonwealth, state and territory Energy Ministers agreed to establish a new National Energy Transformation Partnership.

The partnership is a framework for national alignment and cooperative action by governments to support the smooth transformation of Australia’s energy sector.

The partnership builds on a commitment by Energy Ministers on 8 June 2022 that:

'…in a new era of cooperation and collaboration, the time is right to work together on a new agreement to set the vision for Australia’s energy sector transformation to net zero.'

Through the partnership, Commonwealth, state and territory governments will work together on priority actions to support the energy transformation.

Initial priorities for action include:

  • introduce an emissions objective into the national energy objectives
  • co-design a First Nations Clean Energy Strategy to ensure First Nations people help drive the energy transformation
  • identify and declare transmission of national significance to progress the timely delivery of critical projects and ensure better community consultation
  • cooperate on plans for generation and storage adequacy, demand evolution, and workforce, supply chain and community needs
  • collaborate on energy security management, including cyber security and fuel availability.

Actions under the partnership will be further developed and sequenced in consultation with industry and community stakeholders.

On 20 December 2022, Energy Senior Officials commenced consultation on the Draft Bill to incorporate an emissions objective into the national energy objectives. Consultation will close on Tuesday 7 February 2023.



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