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Competition and Consumer Legislation Amendment (Electricity Retail) Regulations 2019

This consultation closed on Wednesday 6 November 2019. Documents remain available for reference only.

On 1 July 2019, the Australian Government implemented the Competition and Consumer (Industry Code – Electricity Retail) Regulations 2019 (the Code) to bring down electricity prices. The Code included a price safety net to cap standing offer prices in electricity distribution regions where prices were not already subject to price regulation. It also required retailers to use a common reference point for comparing electricity offers.

See price safety net for more information about the Code.

Through the price safety net and reference price requirements, the Code provides strong and effective consumer protections, but more can be done. This is why the Australian Government is proposing amendments to expand the scope and operation of the Code.

These changes outlined in the consultation paper and exposure draft on the Competition and Consumer Legislation Amendment (Electricity Retail) Regulations 2019 (the amending regulations), were implemented in time for the Australian Energy Regulatory (AER) to undertake its determination process for the 2020-21 price cap. More information about the AER’s approach to this process is available at the AER website. 

The outcomes of the consultation informed the final amending regulations. Interested parties were invited to submit their responses to the discussion questions in the consultation paper.


All stakeholder submissions are published unless stakeholders clearly indicated a submission should remain confidential, either in whole or in part. Electronic submissions are preferred.

All submissions, including those that are confidential, may be shared with the Australian Treasury, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Australian Energy Regulator and other government agencies as necessary for the purposes of this consultation.

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