Putting consumers first

Ensuring our electricity and gas markets operate competitively, transparently and in the long-term interests of consumers is a core Australian Government priority. Improved scrutiny and accountability is placing downward pressure on prices and improving market operations. We have established an ongoing role for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to monitor and report on the electricity and gas markets with the objective of reducing non-competitive behaviour and maximising competition. And we continue to deliver increased protections for energy consumers, particularly consumers facing energy vulnerability.

Key objectives

  • passage of ‘Big Stick’ legislative reforms by Q4 2019
  • delivery of six-monthly reports from the ACCC electricity and gas inquiries

1. Improving market transparency and accountability

ACCC Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry to 2025

ACCC Gas Market Inquiry to 2025

Gas market transparency reforms

2. Helping consumers reduce bills and navigate the energy market

Electricity Default Market Offer

Electricity Reference Price

Business Energy Advice Program

Energy Efficient Communities Program

Consumer data right for energy services

Customer-focused rule change proposals

3. Expanding powers to deal with misconduct

‘Big Stick’ legislative package

Increasing penalties under the national energy laws

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