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Appliances, lighting and equipment


Improving the energy efficiency of appliances and products has significant economic and environmental benefits, reducing running costs for households and businesses.

While many of the appliances, lights and equipment on the market have become more efficient over the last decade, there remains room for continued improvement.

Equipment Energy Efficiency Program

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program is a cross jurisdictional collaboration among the Australian Government, state and territory governments, and the New Zealand Government. This delivers a consistent, integrated program on energy efficiency standards and labelling for equipment and appliances.

Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards

The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards 2012 Act (GEMS Act) underpins the national framework for appliance and equipment energy efficiency in Australia. The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Regulator is responsible for administering the legislation.

The GEMS Act establishes a national approach to regulate appliances and products through the setting of labelling requirements and minimum energy efficiency standards.

Energy rating label - appliances

The Energy Rating Label allows you to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of appliances before you buy. The star rating, out of 10, shows the efficiency of a model relative to other models of the same size.

The Energy Rating Label is based on standardised testing required by law and conducted in line with official international, Australian, or New Zealand Standards.

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