Modern Manufacturing Inside a Modern Region

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In 2022 the NSW Government released its report 'Making it in NSW' which heralded the critical point in time for modern manufacturing in NSW. The Modern Manufacturing Strategy is a major reset for what is now possible with technology, capability, vision and commitment to building a strong manufacturing base especially in the regions.

The New England North West already champions advanced manufacturing of food and medicines, industrial and scientific equipment, homes, furniture and agricultural equipment, but what else can it manufacture? How will investment in renewable energy, the special activation precincts and a joined-up approach to education and innovation combine to create regional success and prosperity?

This event will bring the NSW Modern Manufacturing Commissioner, Lisa Emerson together with a panel of businesses already growing in the region, with a view to exploring what else can be made in regional NSW and how to best support new and existing business.


30 Mar 2023


NSW Government


NOVA, 122 Faulkner Street, Armidale