Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council


Energy technology

Energy Technology Working Group

The Energy Technology Working Group (ETWG) will be responsible for providing strategic advice and making decisions to improve energy efficiency, low emissions technologies and buildings. ETWG will implement:

  • the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program
  • the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)
  • the Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings (Trajectory)
  • the National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP)
  • any other programs referred to it by Energy Senior Officials and/or Energy Ministers.

ETWG will be responsible for oversight and implementation of these energy efficiency policies and programs. ETWG’s responsibilities will extend to other matters determined by Energy Senior Officials and Energy Ministers, which will include:

  • evaluating the implementation of these policies and programs
  • identifying and prioritising new areas of work for consideration
  • consideration of budgets, work plans, regulatory processes and new regulations
  • consideration of activities’ potential economic, social and environmental impacts.

ETWG will ensure activities align with strategic priorities set by Energy Senior Officials Meeting (ESOM) and report, as appropriate, to the Energy Senior Officials and Energy Ministers.