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The National Energy Transformation Partnership (the Partnership) is a framework for Commonwealth, state and territory governments to work together on reforms to help transform Australia’s energy system to achieve net zero by 2050.

The Partnership is underpinned by a shared vision:

Australian governments will work together to maximise the economic opportunities of the clean energy transformation, ensure reliable and affordable electricity, and deliver the greatest benefits for Australian households, businesses and communities.

The Partnership reports to the Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council (ECMC), the decision-making body for energy, climate change and adaptation reforms.

Priority themes

The Partnership is guided by the following priority themes that address barriers to the successful transformation of Australia’s energy systems:

  • Planning for adequate energy generation and storage
  • Understanding demand evolution
  • Coordinating gas and electricity planning
  • Enhancing energy security management
  • Evaluating enabler requirements
  • Accelerating nationally significant transmission projects
  • Strengthening energy governance architecture

The Partnership brings together a series of interrelated work streams that aim to address these priority themes and support the smooth transformation of Australia’s energy systems. Delivery of work under the Partnership is supported by relevant ECMC Working Groups made up of officials from the Commonwealth and state and territory governments.


Priority work agreed under the Partnership is underway, including:

  • establishing a new Capacity Investment Scheme to accelerate the deployment of firmed renewable power
  • agreeing Rewiring the Nation support with Victoria, Tasmania, NSW and Western Australia to provide concessional finance and facilitate the timely delivery of major transmission projects, offshore wind projects and Renewable Energy Zones
  • developing a First Nations Clean Energy Strategy in partnership with First Nations communities and organisations to help ensure First Nations people have a say in the energy policies and programs in the transition to net zero
  • progressing a National Energy Workforce Strategy (NEWS) to help forecast the workforce capabilities and needs to deliver the energy transformation
  • incorporating an emissions reduction objective into the national energy objectives to give Australia’s energy market bodies the capacity to consider emissions reduction in their work
  • collaborating on energy security management, including cyber security and fuel availability.

The government will continue to consult with industry and community stakeholders to inform the implementation of work streams under the Partnership.

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