Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council


Energy Security Board outcomes from 23rd Energy Council Ministerial Meeting

Publication date

At its meeting on 20 March 2020, COAG Energy Council was briefed on a comprehensive plan for reliability, security, networks and affordability in the NEM.

The plan would be coordinated through the post-2025 market design project and involve 3 key phases of program development and delivery, as follows:

1. Immediate Actions (12-18 month) including:

2. Intermediate deliverables relating to development of Ahead Markets, Two-Sided Markets and Access Reform via Coordination of Generation and Transmission Investment (COGATI), were to be developed for decision at the framework level by the end 2020 with implementation for some aspects likely ahead of 2025.

3. Longer term deliverables relating to investment signals, aging thermal generator strategy and initiatives relating to development of DER markets with implementation after 2025.

Ministers approved action to implement the short term interim measures and endorsed the work on intermediate and longer term measures.

Further work would also be undertaken to review the methodology used in national transmission pricing.