Australian energy mix by state and territory 2020-21

The values shown are percentages stacked for each state and territory plus Australia as a whole: NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TAS, NT and AUS. The shares of four broad fuel types vary between states, with renewables highest in TAS and SA, coal highest in NSW and QLD, and gas highest in the NT and WA. Oil is a similar presence, around a third, in all jurisdictions.
The figure shows the percentage composition of energy use in each state and territory, by fuel type, in 2020-21. The energy mix varies between states and territories.

Coal provided more than one-third of primary energy used in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland in 2020-21, while natural gas provided more than half of primary energy used in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Renewables accounted for 42% of the primary energy mix in Tasmania.

Oil was at least one-third of energy consumption across all states, and one quarter of energy consumption in the Northern Territory.


Coal 41.9 34.2 35.0 9.4 8.0 8.3 0.0 28.4
Oil 42.3 36.7 35.8 33.8 43.7 37.4 24.7 37.3
Gas 9.2 22.9 20.8 54.5 35.1 6.8 74.4 27.4
Renewables 6.6 6.3 8.5 2.3 13.2 47.5 0.9 7.0