Australian electricity generation by industry 2020-21

This is a stacked bar chart of electricity generation, by industry, showing percentages for NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TAS, NT and AUS. There are 3 series. The biggest bar is electricity sector, large majority in most states, except that generation outside the electricity sector makes up about half of generation in WA and NT. The second biggest is Mining and Manufacturing, larger in WA and NT. The smallest component, Other industries including residential solar, largest in SA.
The figure shows the percentage composition of Australian electricity generation by the electricity sector, by mining and manufacturing, and by other industries including residential solar photovoltaic production, in 2020-21. About 83% of Australia’s electricity was generated by the electricity sector, with the remaining 17% generated by mining, manufacturing, other industries and households. This share varies considerably across state and territories, with the non-electricity sector contributing 56% of total generation in the Northern Territory, 44% in Western Australia, but only 3% in Tasmania.


Electricity sector 91.6 91.3 85.9 55.6 82.1 96.9 44.4 82.9
Mining and Manufacturing 0.9 1.7 6.1 38.5 2.7 0.9 51.1 9.6
Other industries incl residential solar 7.5 7.0 8.1 5.9 15.2 2.2 4.5 7.5