Energy basics for business

It makes sense for businesses of all sizes to understand their energy use and costs, and know the options available to reduce them. Key steps to reducing business energy costs include:

  • understanding and managing power bills
  • finding the best energy deals
  • buying energy-efficient appliances and technology and running them efficiently

This section includes basic information on these steps and is designed for small businesses.

The Grants and funding section includes information on Australian Government and state and territory government programs that exist to help companies access finance for energy efficiency improvement projects.

If you are part of the nearly 1 million home-based businesses in Australia, there is a Home-based business guide with practical and realistic tips and steps to reduce your energy costs when running a business from home. 

Small businesses can also receive advice on better energy deals and reduce their energy usage through the Australian Government's Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) which offers a personalised energy consultation as well as an energy spend benchmarking tool that allows businesses to compare their energy spend to that of similar businesses in their industry and region.

  1. Understand your energy use
  2. Review your energy contract
  3. Implement energy saving opportunities

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