Road transport overview

The sector operates in a very competitive environment with fuel as a large input, so small improvements in fuel efficiency or changes in fuel costs can have a significant impact on profit and competitiveness. There are numerous opportunities for the road freight sector to improve energy efficiency, such as upgrading vehicles and adopting better corporate, driver and fuel-consumption practices.

Combining best practices can lead to fuel savings of up to 40%.

For more information, see Road transport opportunities to save.


Electric truck conversions and applications

Companies are increasingly turning their attention to electric truck manufacture and conversions to meet a growing demand for the use of electric vehicles across a wide variety of industry applications.

Melbourne-based SEA Electric is converting trucks and vans of various sizes to run on its proprietary electric driveline.

Australia’s first all-electric garbage truck commenced operations in Victoria’s City of Casey in late 2018. The vehicle features immediate torque, regenerative braking and a 180km range.

DHL Express and Linfox are trialling SEA Electric’s vehicles in their supply chains. Woolworths who have set a goal to transition their fleet to 100% electric.

While costing more upfront than the non-electric alternatives, the price premium can be easily repaid thanks to lower fuel and maintenance costs.

For more information, see Electric truck conversions on the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) website.

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